Mac D'oro Comercial Ltda.
phone / fax: 55 18 3528.3536


Mac D'oro is a Brazilian company founded in 1995. It’s a macadamia nut processing industry (drying, processing nuts in shell, packaging and commercialization).

The processing plant is situated in the city of Osvaldo Cruz, in the state of São Paulo and the macadamia crops are in the cities of Inúbia Paulista and Sagres, both in the state of São Paulo. Besides our own crops, we buy macadamia in shells from other producers for processing.

Our company was founded on the highest quality standards in the food industry. Some of our equipment was specifically designed for our company needs using the best engineering techniques, providing economical advantages and a better optimization of our product’s quality.

We are one of the main macadamia suppliers to the Brazilian market and we are duly equipped and structured for exportation. Our macadamia is processed according to the best hygiene standards, vacuum-sealed to reduce oxygen concentration and stored in appropriate conditions, thus ensuring a quality product for the consumer all year round.

The Mac D'oro macadamia nuts are recognized in the Brazilian market as one of the best.

It is sold in three ways: natural; roasted & salted, and glazed.

We have several packaging sizes. Check the products - styles link.