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The macadamia nut is a highly nutritious and very healthy food. Its oil has rejuvenating properties. Studies conducted at the University of Hawaii and the University of Australia have shown that macadamia reduces cholesterol, heart attack risks and hypertension.

Macadamia is very popular in the following forms: Natural, in the preparation of sweet and savoury dishes, accompanying meats, in chocolate fillings, for making ice-creams; etc.. It is also very popular roasted & salted to be served as an appetizer or snack.

Consumers must be careful when purchasing macadamia nuts because if not appropriately packaged, it loses much of its quality (it loses its crunchy characteristic and becomes rancid). The best pack used to prevent oxygen migration is the vacuum pack. Under these conditions, its validity is 12 months. Once the vacuum-sealed package is opened, the nut may lose its crunchy characteristic in 10-15 days and may become rancid after 2-3 months.

Our macadamia, besides being processed according to the best hygiene standards and following the necessary measures to obtain a high quality product, is vacuum-sealed to reduce oxygen concentration and stored in appropriate conditions, thus ensuring a quality product for the consumer all year round.